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The corporation is looking for a English-speaking alliance

Hi, I play under the nickname Sizif Oblomow. Unfortunately, I don`t know English, so I have to write this text with the help of Google translator. Sorry if something is not translated correctly.

About Us

Now I am the leader of a very small Russian-speaking corporation. There are only 3-4 of us. We live in the high and lowsec. Everyone is doing something different. There is no common goal.

But once this was not so. Before blackout, we lived in nullsec. We did not want to leave, but there was an economic disaster in the alliance, and the leadership made exorbitant taxes that were simply impossible to farm in the conditions of blackout. We were forced to return to the Empire, and are now on the verge of disband.

New players understand that in the empire they do not need a corporation that has nothing, and leave before we manage to get stronger. In addition, we have very specific requirements for players, which greatly complicates the recruitment.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements are very unusual for online games. We want to recruit only polite and literate pilots, while most Russian-speaking players are rude and uneducated. Not all, but to most.

Why are we looking for an English alliance?

As I said, most Russian-speaking players are not very pleasant. And then I thought: «Hey, why don’t I try an alliance with foreigners?».

It will definitely be difficult, because I don’t know the language and can’t offer something really valuable. I understand that my desires are on the brink of fantasy, because I am looking for an alliance without a CTA and without a fixed rent. And all I can offer is small friendly Russian neighbors.

Why not CTA?

I understand that CTA is important. I understand that most teams are judged by the combat power they can provide. But I have other goals. I want to build a paradise where every worthy pilot can do what he wants.

Everyone knows the quote: «Everyone has their own Eve». For example, I am equally not interested in both the extraction of money and pvp. I’m only interested in the social component of the game.

I cannot force others to fight if I do not do it myself. That would be unfair.

Why not rent?

I know that we can rent systems, but I do not want to use this option. Please do not offer it.

The amount of money earned by my corporation is unlikely to yield to forecasts with such specific recruitment conditions. I don’t think that we will ever reach a stable level that will suit both sides.

We hope that in the future we will be able to find real allies, and not just business partners.

A bit about pvp

However, I am not saying that pilots should avoid PVP. Pilots can participate if they want to. Experience has shown that few people are interested in farming for the sake of farming, but people do not like to be forced. Therefore, it would be great if the alliance had a content maker to plan and conduct events.


On the other hand, I think we have a chance to find what we want. Maybe someone just wants to make friends with the Russians or get players with a different prime time to provide around-the-clock control of possessions. Or maybe we will agree on some percentage of our farm. The previous alliance, for example, took rent as a percentage. True, they acted very unfriendly when the percentage of our farm fell significantly during blackout. And they didn’t care that farming was almost impossible under the new conditions.